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Helzberg Diamonds is a jewelry retailer founded in 1915 by Morris Helzberg that has 210 stores in 36 states.

Richard Jenkins wrote for Your diamond guru about Helzberg Diamonds:

"With Helzberg, the customer isn’t getting a fair price. The diamonds and the jewelry itself are overpriced."


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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"VERY LOW PAY!!! Upper management never tells the truth. Toxic work environment!!!"

Former Employee - Assistant Manager says

"Outdated, closed-minded views, strict dress-code, low pay, poorly structured training, broken promises in regards to education, current practices do not allow newer employees to be successful."

General Manager says

"Systems are very old and inaccurate."

Former Employee - Sales Associate says

"Like the title says it’s an ethical nightmare. Coworkers steal clients, steal sales, lie to your face, talk mad crap about you to everyone else when the people they’re talking to actually talk about them as well. It’s ridiculous! They lied about my base pay, then “corrected” it by only giving me 75¢ more when I was originally told $4 more than I was making. These problems were brought to upper management numerous times and no one will do anything about it because at the end of the day...money is being made. So the snakes get all the glory and the underdogs get the scraps. I’m so glad I got out of there."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Limited variety of merchandise, unknown brands, no clear training for associates."

Current Employee - Store Manager says

"old school, lots of pressure. they don't care what the market trend is and they expect to make big sales by just talking about warren buffet."

Former Employee - Assistant Manager says

"No opps for advancement are there."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"If you’re a terrible salesperson- this isn’t the job for you."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Lie about pay, constant drama, blame constantly placed where it shouldn't be."

Former Employee - Jewelry Sales Associate says

"Culture of cut throat sales ,LOW pay , out dated store look , high change of employees (wondering why), very slow on promotions , managers and employees will single out someone they don’t like AND Set her up to Fail ,cutting hours , very pushy sales environment (near being desperate) , another mall shop ..."

Office Management (Current Employee) says

"Management was awful, I got hired into management and was treated poorly by other co workers in management roles and got zero respect from the sales team. Is was a bunch of catty females. Literally the worst job I ever had.No prosEverything a out this place was a com"

Seasonal Sales Associate/Hourly (Former Employee) says

"Complete Honesty! I went into this job full of enthusiasm and excitement! I left with chest pains and anxiety....I am 52 years old and this was the worst experience of my life. I loved the company and what it stood for however....The main manager was a monster to work for. Top of her district. Extremely professional when interviewing and professional to the customers. HOWEVER, extremely unprofessional when no customers were around. I am a very positive upbeat person. However, (this female) was a Micro manger with some sort of brain imbalance. Bipolar? Bully? You never knew when something would set her off. She broke my spirit and everyones spirit that works for her. Made me & others cry. My days off were not days off due to I spent the days off recovering from the abuse. Manager would make us role play. (pycho role play like an academy award actress style & other stuff). I was no longer excited about working there. One morning, before work dreaming and thinking of work...I woke up with chest pains/anxiety. She was affecting my health with her abuse. I had never had that before so I quit that morning without a 2 wk notice before the seasonal position before Thanksgiving rush. She didn't merit a notice because she was such an abusive manager, to say the least. She needed very badly an education on how to manage people."

Sales Associate (Current Employee) says

"Not goodpoor clientele. No new customers. Reparative not innovated company. Relies on old school philosophy. Very old company. Lacks modernization in stores. Not good at all. Shane on them to not use better counters !! Many employees I believe have been in there jobs way to long. And are lazy and arrogant. Over priced and under sakesDiscountsNot good customer traffic."

Staff (Former Employee) says

"This person had no business being placed or promoted into a manager role. However, there was nobody to fill the position so that’s how the person got the position. Very unprofessional, rude, disrespectful, and nasty to staff! Not management material."

Senior Store Manager (Current Employee) says

"Company culture is based on race and you’re judged here by your race. They don’t see talent but they look for how you look. Upper management prefers to hire blonde good looking females People are paid differently for the same job. Pay scale varies by your look."

Sales Consultant (Former Employee) says

"Horrible place to work with very bad management. You are put in a shark Tank with unprofessional rude coworkers that steel your sales. No advancement unless your fake. A LOT of favoritism to Elders that work there :(Nonerude coworkers"

Office Manager (Former Employee) says

"Worked for Helzberg Diamonds on 2 different occasions. The company was a joke to professional working adults.. Never received an 1 on 1, 6mo, or 1yr review in 2yrs.Upper Management could not handle the staff, so they texted all day, talked on their cells & watched videos. Worked 10-12 hours, while the other drunk or high staff loafed off. Constantly, understaffed because young undependable people were hired because of the poor rate of pay. Rarely able to meet appointments because the schedule was prepare Sat. night at closing for Sunday week...forgetting request, sick staff and revolving door. Sometimes working 9-11 days straight w/o a day off. Called to work on your day off. Work place culture- 21-40 yrs texting on the floor, face timing family & friend. Filthy unsafe closet size break room & restroom. Most enjoyable part was working with vendors and external staff. The entire job was the hardest-no work life balance, poor management, administrative procedures weren't written-winged it, and lack of interested constant staff. Lunch breaks and 15 minute breaks were rare. I learned never to work for a chain company operating as a mom and pop business with flighty management. My first day my manager didn't show up but called an employee who lived 1 hr away who arrived 10 mins before store opening.Unsafe environment. These practices should have been reported to EEOC.Having a JOBInfinite"

Sales Consultant/Customer Service (Current Employee) says

"Helzberg claims to be ethical and moral and care about their employees, yet it employs bullies and allows them to harass and threaten other employees, and HR does not react do to the sales numbers the bully attains. There is no training program or assistance. Company does not compensate employees comparably to the amount of work and sacrifice that is expected. Company yearly survey was not issued to all employees, only high performers which of course since they reap all the positive benefits gave excellent reviews so the information obtained was not accurate. Point of sale systems are out of date. Expectations change daily and are different for all, there is no consistency. Favoritism is played with team members. It is an emotionally, physically, mentally exhausting place to work. If I were able to quit I would but am stuck until I find something better.Get to look at pretty jewelry all dayPretty much everything"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Harassment. Threats, physical injury due to employee negligence. Screaming threats by store manager. Negative, stereotypical, argumentative. Cut-throat atmosphere daily.None.The negative nasty staff and managers."

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"I loved working for this company until something happened that was very shocking to me, but I learned and will never work for them again. A typical day would go by fast if we had customers there, but being at the outlet mall in the freezing weather was difficult. The culture of the work place was racial towards me and it was very uncomfortable for me. There was no hard part because I did everything Iwas suppose to do.free lunchnot good associates"

Customer Service Associate (Current Employee) says

"First of all the senior associates run the place. No point in trying to match their sales. Slimy and sharks. This place makes a mockery of and drives out the associates with integrity pushing those already at the top even further leaving no growth room. Managers make gross comments about women and customers in general, and make poor excuses for bad behavior, meanwhile will breathe down your neck. Toxic place. Looked here for a step forward and was brought 2 back. I didn't even work long enough to obtain benefits and 0.5% commission is ridiculous! Nice products is my one pro. I also learned a lot about jewelry and diamonds and repair process.Ok pay ok hours, HQ product, on site jewelerCommission, managers, team"

Former Sale Consultant (Former Employee) says

"After being in retail for almost sixteen years and working for a few companies I can honestly say this company is the absolute worst.. They preach how Ethical they are when in reality they are not.. They use bully scar tactics on sales consultants and the Regional Manager is the worst.. If your not a man or a cut throat type of person I suggest you run.. I've been with this company for awhile and I think they seriously need to take a look at the Regionals who change things every week.. Some of the standards that are company standards are changed by the Regionals and the managers are scared to go against them for fear of losing their jobs..Manager is amazingRegional Manager is the worst .. He's a bully and speaks to you like your beneath him, he changes standards for managers personal sales and puts employees up against each other"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Management horrible. Co workers horrible. Worst place I ever worked. Actually left without a notice walked off the job that is how bad it was.Worked there also same with me. Walked of the job! Horrible place to work the manager was absolutely the worst."

manager trainee (Former Employee) says

"The manager at this location is a bully, I watched him bully 3 other employees until they quit. I felt his actions were unethical and decided this was not a company I wanted to work for so I put in my two weeks notice. When I did the bullying started on me, when I called the manager out on his actions he then turned around and acted like he was the victim. I am so glad to be away from there and the drama. My advice is to work at any other jewelry company but this one.NoneEverything"

Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"Horrible company, horrible upper management. I had 4 managers in the three years I had been there. There is no advancements il unless you do a lot of sucking up. Even if you are a top performer you still won't get recognition or advancement.Made several life long friendsMall hours, regional manager, job security"

sales Associate (Current Employee) says

"This company is a great company. Very ethical and high integrity Highly trained personal and off on line training which is reimbursed."

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Working at Helzberg Diamonds was one of the most horrible experiences I have ever had. The working environment was hostile it was a place i did not enjoy working at. The store manager was more focused on criticizing my wardrobe and hair instead on focusing on helping me learn about selling. I would not recommend Helzberg Diamonds as a place of employment.I did meet some very good peopleworking environment, store manager, regional manager and hr"

Store Manager (Current Employee) says

"Poor benefits and worse work schedules and appreciation. Sales oriented Company that has reduced the benefits, insurance, and commissions of all of their employees."

pa (Current Employee) says

"there alot of talking behind your back also know room for advancement they will hire someone back and place them in same job they left before promoting Also the sale goals are really out of reach which gets a automatic write up even if store is able to make goalthey are there to hurt you not help you"

Operations Assistant (Current Employee) says

"i broke my hang at work and my manager stopped scheduling me. I ask her for hours and she hires another associate. She doesn’t know how to manage a store not should she be a manager.Nice discountA lot of unnecessary high school drama"

Thao Ta says

"To Whom It May Concern I work for one of the top 100 companies, a luxury fashion e-commerce retailer, who prides on their customer service, whose customers rave of the customer service they received from the employees. I am a customer service manager for 10+ years who knows and also trains how a customer should be spoken to and treated. Never in my life, until today I have ever received horrific and appalling customer service. It was to the point I had to think twice what was just said to me! Jonathan S. ID number 62192 at Garden State Plaza Mall in Paramus NJ has treated me with such a demeanor that so was classless and tasteless I have ever received in my life as a customer. I am so appalled by the way I was treated today, December 11, 2019.   Upon entering the store, an employee had took notice / recognize me and stated, "John, John, behind you". Jonathan proceeds to turn around with a smug smile on his face and said hi. I then stated, "Hi! I am going to return the necklaces and I am sorry for returning so late as I lost the receipt and now found it." Jonathan said, "sure" "WE ALL FIGURED YOU WERE GOING TO RETURN THIS" he took the receipt from my hand and proceed with the return and I can hear so faintly Jonathan talking to the women about me and the return.  He then threw the receipt on the counter, said "bye, bye" took the Helzberg bag and gift box and turn around. Needless to say, today was the most shell shocking experience I have received from the Helzberg team. How dare an employee makes such a comment! How dare he talks about me to another employee when I am only a few inches away! How dare he throws the receipts on the counter without evening placing the receipt in my hand. Not a thank you for my business with Helzberg just a sarcastic "BYE, BYE" and walks away.  To my understanding as what has been displayed today, is that your employees talk to their customers with tasteless service. The customers are talked about! especially when they are in the store. Whether if I have spent $ 1 or a million dollars I have should have never been treated this way at all for returning a necklace that was a gift to my husband he was not happy with the items I have chosen him. It should not matter when the items were returned as long it was in the return window of Helzberg's return policy.  I will tell all my colleagues, friends and family about the service I have received at this store and no longer continue business with Helzberg! I rather go to Tiffany, Zales, and Jared where my business is welcome and I know I would not be judged if I decided to return an item that unsuitable for my husband. I feel like I have been discriminated against for making a return. I will be making a complaint to the FTC, Trustpilot, and the better business bureau. I tell everyone how Helzberg treats customers when they returning I am beyond disgusted with the customer service I have received today. My husband and I will take our business elsewhere."

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